Lampy z rýžového papíru

The Japanese-inspired rice paper lamp is one of the biggest trends in interior design at the moment. Many of us are already familiar with the cosy round lamp with a comfortable soft glow, perfect for bedrooms and children’s rooms alike. These days, there are various reinterpretations of the lamp, so there are functional, modern, and decorative versions out there. Mount one large rice paper lamp or a cluster of smaller lamps above your couches to create volume and lift the room with a soft glow. The simple lamp lends a sense of calm and balance to your décor as it brings the floor and the ceiling together in a complete unit.  
Le Klint Sax 234-6/21 Light Oak - Le Klint
RRP CZK 21 392,00
Očekává se v: 3 - 5 dnů
Le Klint Sax 224-6/17 Smoked Oak - Le Klint
RRP CZK 19 745,00
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Akari 10A Stojací Lampa - Vitra
RRP CZK 22 891,00
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Get in on the trend with the Formakami pendant or table lamp by &tradition. In this case, the thin rice paper lamp is paired with rings of black-stained oak to highlight the innovative shape of the lamp and give it a Scandinavian expression. The lamp is easily incorporated into modern décor, just like Ingo Maurer’s lamps made from the Japanese paper and inspired by the shape of a traditional lampshade. An exciting design that takes the diffuse glow of the rice paper lamp and pairs it with a unique design. If you lean more towards the traditional rice paper lamp in the shape we know and love, the Rice Paper lamp by HAY is perfect for you.
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